The Anchor Of Time Is Now Available

Tina Capricorn

Indie Author, Arist, Raconteuse.


December 1st, 2020

Publishing day.

It’s finally here!

The Anchor of Time paperback is available for purchase on Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble
Ebook is also available

“Mark her return by the wolf, and the warrior-“

Friends, I have had a life long love of stories and books. I remember in fourth grade reading to other classes a small chapter book I had created, written carefully on wide ruled notebook paper in my Lisa Frank Trapper-Keeper…

I reflect on where I started–after all, this is the moment most writers think of when they are sitting alone in front of their keyboard or notebooks. The day when someone else will get to read this story, see this world. To get to the point of publishing, not just finishing a novel, means you must care quite a lot about the story, the characters–and have quite a thick skin in regards to critique and critical evaluation of the story you care so much about.

“And a mortal’s reoccuring dream.”

I began this novel is 2014 when I was still living with my roommates from college, that’s where we started. Where we are, well–I am living with my husband of several years and my two step-sons (we are MALT house).

This book is a journey of my growth as a writer. I wrote 30 pages the first time I sat down, just trying to get the one character through the mirror and out of the salon into the adventure I knew waited for her but for what reasons I couldn’t say.

This book was by the seat of my pants the first several drafts, and then I took classes, and read books on craft, and self-edited it and actually submitted it, and then put my manuscript down for six months to buy a house and get married. I was rejected, but given fantastic notes. I still left it alone for almost a year. When I came back to it after the most amazing, and exhausting year of my life I reread the manuscript and decided I HATED the ending. The last 2/3rds honestly and so– I did a massive rewrite. And then sent that to an editor I hired. And got… good news. My book was good. Readable. Loveable. Binge-able…?

And while 2020 and Covid delayed the release (along with totally changing my reality, career, life routine, income) this novel feels more like a miracle than the product of hours of hard work. I feel like Renata would point out that it can be both.

“Ever Binding, and ever Bound…

I learned how to write a novel on The Anchor of Time. This book was written on lunch breaks, edited while a client’s color and highlights were processing. I would break out my computer in the back room, any spare moment I had. I brought my laptop to work every day until March 2020 of course, intending to spend time on my book if I ever had a moment to spare.

This book was also written in the early mornings–before work, and on late nights, after dinner, while my family watched TV, I would sit numbly at my laptop. (Otherwise I think I could pass as a fun step-mom…) I wrote this book on weekends, on holidays, on good days and bad.

The intricate world of Aeor-Eterna, the Cerulean Dimension, Peaches and Aldric, what Renata is and what Vincent means to her, have all evolved over the years from constantly, insanely, persistently believing in this story. Persistence and not taking things personally are the two most important things a writer needs to get a novel complete. 93% of writers never finish their first novel. It’s hard to do, but deeply satisfying in a way I cannot explain, only feel.

“They will Anchor Time at the turn of the tide, on the shores of the Obsidian Sea.”

I invite you to visit Aeor-Eterna, the Cerulean Dimension–to travel via book (which Sagan aptly said “Break the shackles of time–“) and visit for a few hours, and see a different world. 

Thank you so much to my ARC Team and Launch Team, my husband, my mom, my Warren Wilson family and friends, all my shop-wives from my cosmetology days, Bella the adventure chihuahua for all your support, cheer leading, interest and love. The Anchor of Time wouldn’t be here without you. Xoxo