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Tina Capricorn 2024 Projects

2024 Projects for Tina Capricorn Curious what Tina, the Shadowglass Universe and the Forgotten Queen series are up to? BY TINA CAPRICORN "The uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know." -Joseph Campbell Writing These Days Hello! I...

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7 Budget Friendly Spring Gardening Tips

Budget Friendly Spring Gardening Tips Are you getting inspired by the longer days? Now is the time to start planning your spring garden! BY TINA CAPRICORN Here are 7 Budget Friendly Spring Gardening Tips to help make this season the most abundant one yet! Grow from...

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The Pagan Roots of Valentine’s Day

The Pagan Roots of Valentine's Day Imbolc, Lupercalia & Saint Valentine BY TINA CAPRICORN Love it or hate it, the commercialized Valentine's Day on February 14th has origins deeper than candy hearts. Long before the Catholic church was ever established, Feb 1-Feb...

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Indies Supporting Indies Jennifer Hartman

Indies Supporting Indies Featuring Jennifer Hartman CREATOR OF PAGANKIDS.ORG AUTHOR OF "OLD MOTHER FROST" AND "WHO IS THAT IN THE SKY?" Indie author Jennifer Hartman started writing children’s books when she could not find any family-friendly resources that reflected...

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Indies Supporting Indies: Jenn Berlin

Indies Supporting Indies Featuring Jenn Berlin “Beware the Ides of March” We all remember where we were this time last year. Maybe for you too, this week is the one year anniversary of everything changing.  Jenn and I both spent 2020 growing and expanding beyond our...

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Writing Healthy

Writing Healthy Featuring Jill Phoenix Winter Blahs and Practicing Mindfullness I do not normally feel like I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately called SAD) or even depression in general. I like to refer to myself as a white knuckle optimist, and...

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