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Featuring Jenn Berlin

“Beware the Ides of March”

We all remember where we were this time last year. Maybe for you too, this week is the one year anniversary of everything changing. 

Jenn and I both spent 2020 growing and expanding beyond our cosmetology careers, into passions and projects that were side hustles or hobbies in the past, that over lockdown were given time to thrive. 

When it was time to return to work, Jenn, like me, integrated her passions back into her work and recently opened her own voiceover and salon studio–Berlin Studios in downtown Asheville. I recently caught up with Jenn to get the scoop on all of the projects and creative things she is doing besides being a talented cosmetologist, loving mother, and all around badass human.

Even though I worked next to you for years, I never knew about your background in singing! Can you tell me a little about your history with music?

Jenn: I have trained with a vocal coach for 25 years. I have sung with the Fairfax Choral society in Washington, D.C. as well as the Asheville Symphony Chorus. My vocal training has given me the tools and framework for flexibility in my voice. I am a natural Soprano 1, however, my training has allowed me to properly explore all facets of my voice. I have a wide vocal range spanning almost 5 octaves. I can access my whistle register which is most famously executed by Mariah Carey. 

Damn! That’s amazing! Is that what led you to open your voiceover studio?

Yes! I have always loved using my voice as a form of expression. Over quarantine, I was given the opportunity to dabble in voice over work for an online continuing education company and loved it! I decided to open my own studio and branch off on my own. My dream is to do audible books and cartoon character work. However, I am open to any and all voice over opportunities. 

What’s your favorite aspect of voiceover and singing?

I love using my voice to create art. For my entire life, singing has been therapy for me. The vibrations of my voice soothe me and I feel at peace when I am singing. I have been told by numerous people that my voice is soothing and I want to bring that feeling to others through my VO work in narration, character work, and music.

So, it’s a year later, what are you currently passionate about? 

I am continuing to explore the realms of my voice and find fun and new creative projects to work on. I am planning to attend voice over workshops with Atlanta Voice Over Studio as well as beginning to write original music and publish it. 

You are a model as well, I have seen some pretty amazing photos on IG recently from some local photographers you have modeled for. I think I may have heard you mention modeling in passing when we worked together!

I know, right?! And I have been modeling for almost 20 years now! I have never pursued modeling seriously until recently and I am loving it! It is a form of acting for me, and I have a theater background as well so it’s great. I love the whole process: costumes, make up, hair, portraying a character or theme, etc. Due to my background in acting I have a diverse modeling portfolio as I can portray and access any look the photographer wants/needs. 

I’m so curious, what’s your next or current project?

I have just been contacted to narrate my first novel. The details are still being worked out however I am very excited to explore this kind of voice over work. I also worked with a nationally renowned photographer Douglas Cooper recently and am very excited to share the amazing art we created through modeling and photography. 


Want to know more about Jenn Berlin (she’s fabulous!) or hire her for voiceover needs or to model for a book cover? She can do that!

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