Time-Magic | Blood-Magic

“Too late we realized for magic to survive, witches must survive.”

Magic has almost left the world entirely. The last piece of Shadowglass vanished centuries ago. Since then, the vampires have hunted down almost all of the Aeorian time-witches who could wield it, with an insatiable thirst for blood and magic.

Now, in the final winter of World War II, a piece has reappeared–in the clutches of a dark and timeless enemy, in league with the Reich. Emboldened by the possession of the Shadowglass, dark magical forces are gathering to turn the tide of war, and extend their dominion over all humanity.

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The Anchor Of Time

A Time Travel Saga

Debut indie author Tina Capricorn delivers a page-turning sci-fi romance about the genesis of a cosmic bloodline – destined to control time.

“Metal, scary, sexy, biting, funny, captivating… I LOVE this book. It’s clear that Capricorn’s first work is part of a reality she’s created that is much, much bigger, and I can’t wait to dive into more. —Amazon Reviewer

Renata Stone thought she was having a regular end to her work day at the salon, when a thunderstorm and a broken mirror open a Gateway in time.

Unknowingly reunited with figures from her past—and future—Renata attempts to understand her true self and why she feels drawn to the mysterious and brooding Vincent, a being more than human with unexplainable abilities, who grasps the workings of the Universe in ways she never even thought to imagine.

Meanwhile, on board the spaceship Lupus Obsidian, a vessel able to pierce the dimensional veil and travel through time, Aldric and his daughter Peaches search for signs of their matriarch Renata, who has been lost in time for centuries. 

The Anchor of Time is Book 1 of the Forgotten Queen Series in the Shadowglass Universe.

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