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2024 Projects for Tina Capricorn

Curious what Tina, the Shadowglass Universe and the Forgotten Queen series are up to?


“The uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know.”

-Joseph Campbell

Writing These Days

Hello! I don’t often do blog posts specifically about what I am up to (I usually save these types of updates for the newsletter) but as the seasons shift I am ready to announce projects that I feel confident I will pursue in 2024 and into the next year if necessary. Let’s dive in!


If you’ve been patiently waiting to find out what happens to Renata and Vincent on the Lupus Obsidian, the next installment plus other projects are on the horizon!

The Forgotten Queen Series is expanding this year! LIGHTBREAKER, the next installment of the Forgotten Queen Series is currently with beta readers and is expected to be released later in 2024!

Shadowglass Sequel

Future projects in 2024 include outlining and drafting the sequel to Shadowglass Time-Magic, Blood-Magic! A dark fantasy with some romance, this book will tell the deeper story behind a legendary historical event of the Shadowglass Universe. Tina is currently deciding what historical event from Vlad, Lachlan, Gaspar, Elohaim, Eva or Athena’s life to depict. She is leaning towards the Harrowing and Vlad’s introduction to Elaria! (IYKYK)

Other Projects

Outside of the Shadowglass Universe, Tina is also outlining and drafting a fantasy adventure romance trilogy. So far all she can reveal is that it takes place in Scotland, will feature magic, the fae, werewolves, and a witch who has no magic in a magical world!

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