A small garden rake in mossy soil.

Budget Friendly Spring Gardening Tips

Are you getting inspired by the longer days? Now is the time to start planning your spring garden!


Here are 7 Budget Friendly Spring Gardening Tips to help make this season the most abundant one yet!

Grow from seed!

Want to save money on early gardening expenses? Grow from seed instead of buying starts. One packet of seeds might have hundreds of seeds!

Save seeds!

Saving¬†seeds from the vegetables and other plants you grow is the ultimate money-saving technique! You will literally get next year’s plants for ‘free’.¬†

Plant native species!

Plant species native to your area. Native plants are evolved over the centuries to grow in your local climate and soil. This makes them more disease and pest resistant, as well as benefiting the local ecosystem and local pollinators, as well as decreasing fertilization and watering costs.

Buy from local garden centers!

Shipping plants can get expensive. Utilize a local garden center for supplies and seeds instead of ordering online.

Collect rainwater!

Did you know that rain water is actually better for your plants? Not only will utilizing rain water be better for your garden, it will also be better for your water bill! (And the environment too.)

Plant perrenials!

Perennials are the plants that come back year after year! This fact alone makes perrenials a great investment for your budget friendly home garden.

Make your own compost!

Did you know you can make your own nutrient rich soil without spending money on store-bought bags of compost? Making your own compost reduces waste and utilizes natural resources from your yard like grass clippings, leaves, even table scraps! Saving this organic matter from the landfill also reduces your garden’s carbon footprint.