It’s Capricorn Season!

I have been staying home and staying safe in 2021 so far, and I hope you have as well. The cabin fever gets me sometimes but I have been implementing nature walks, as well as taking time to do artwork, snuggle Bella, and reading. 

Right now I am reading The Book Of Life by Deborah Harkness for the first GGGC/Garden Party Vampire Book Club meeting of 2021 on January 24th! Harkness’ writing is sumptuous and her world building truly mesmerizing. I save her books because I just can’t put them down!

The updated 2021 GGGC Booklist has been sent to Cosmic Newsletters Subscribers and will go live online next week! I have titles set up through June 2021. This book list has been created through hours of scouring Goodreads, contacting indie booksellers for recommendations like Malaprop’s and The Ripped Bodice (an awesome indie romance bookseller in CA that definitely deserves your bookish love if you’re keen to shop online. My book is available there through IndieBound! Huzzah!).

Character Portraits from The Anchor of Time

I have been really enjoying learning a digital art program called ProCreate and have been making character portraits from The Anchor of Time. If you are signed up for Bella’s Cosmic Newsletter you got to see Peaches and Vincent this month! I am planning on releasing a portrait of my characters every other week until I am ready to do a cover reveal for Book 2…

Light Breaker

Speaking of Book 2 in the Forgotten Queen Series, Light Breaker is coming along! I made a 30k NanoWrimo Holiday edition challenge and managed to eek in a little over 30,000 words in December. My hope is to have a Rough Draft by the end of this month and send off for my first round of edits sometime this March/April.


I am also in the outlining phase of a short story/magnet reader that will be available FOR FREE this Summer 2021. This story will be a flashback story of how Vlad and Renata first met, and will have direct repercussions on Book 2, as well as fill in some timeline gaps.

For instance, we will see Renata meet Vlad and Lachlan for the first time–as well as meet Eva, Aldric’s mysterious wife that died in childbirth and whose final word is her daughter’s name — Peaches.

To receive this free short story all you have to do is be a Cosmic Newsletter subscriber!

For the rest of Capricorn Season I am doing a very special Indies Supporting Indies, another epic Night Shift with an Astrophotographer, as well as some Writing Healthy blogs, with great tips on stress management, incorporating mindfulness and movement into your work from home routine!

Be well!

Xoxo Tina