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Elicia Hyder


I have a lot of fond memories of growing up in a small town, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Elicia was actually my older-sister’s best friend growing up. I have so many memories of sleepovers with my sister and her. We even made our own family sitcom on a camcorder at some point! (Regretably the film is lost, ah well.)

Elicia always had charisma and a story to tell, even when we were kids. Now she is a successful indie author, and just like when I was a kid, I’m looking at her thinking, “Now that’s cool.” 

Her Soul Summoner series is an international best-selling sensation. There are nine books in the series, along with three tie-in companion novellas. Check them out here!

Also to my fellow #indieauthors and #Writers, Elicia has a wonderful website that I have frequently referred to in my journey to self-publishing. Great tools and tips to get you started: Check it out!

The much anticipated Saphera Nyx Series has debuted!

After nine novels in the Soul Summoner Series Elicia is now pivoting to a new series–Saphera Nyx. I’ve read the first chapter of Detached and it is gritty, with great dialogue and some intriguing characters. I can only imagine the anxiety of starting a new series after finishing a super successful one, but Elicia has totally done it! I just ordered my autographed copy on her website, which means I also get the ebook for free! Head on over to her author website if that seems like your cup of tea.

So far this novel feels different than Soul Summoner, Saphera is NOT Sloan Jordan. It has a supernatural, crime procedural feel to it and I am excited to dive in to more this weekend!

Detached is available NOW wherever books are sold!